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Energy Management through dowsing and radionics.

Dowsing services:

What is dowsing?
Dowsing is mainly known or was known as water divining. However the technique has evolved to be used to identify much information on a wide range of subjects. The tools used are either the pendulum or the rods.

What can I use dowsing for?

As such, I use dowsing in many of my psychic services, but the technique can be used to get detailed information on many issues.

To dowse at distance, I need a photo of you or of the subject/object involved.

Dowsing for Things

· To find the most beneficial place to drill for water.

· Dowse for Minerals such as Gold, Silver, Diamonds.

.·Dowse for buried Electrical Cables (my son did this many years ago, and other types of buried items such as gas lines or water lines etc.

· Dowse plumbing inside and outside of your home

· Dowse for lost items, a lost ring, or lost keys, even a lost family pet.

· Dowse for missing persons.

· Dowse for directions if you are lost or when driving dowse the best route to take to avoid storms, accidents or construction.

Health Dowsing

· Chakra Balancing

· Dowsing for disease or areas of concern in the Etheric Body.

· Dowsing for supplements, Herbs, Homeopathic Remedies, Bach Flower Remedies, dowse what is beneficial or non-beneficial

· Dowse Dosage - How much of a supplement to take in what form and how often.

· Dowse foods to determine if they are beneficial, safe to eat, or if you have and allergy or intolerance to a certain item.

· Dowse the Aura to find areas of weakness and repair. Search for holes in the Aura and repair.

· Search for locations of psychic wounds.

· Dowse for non beneficial Psychic Cords, and release.

· Dowse for non beneficial Beliefs and Programs you may have buried within your subconscious mind.(see distance EIP)

· Dowse the type of treatment that would most benefit a current condition you may have.

· Dowse for buried Emotions and Feelings that could be the cause of your current pain or illness or ones that may cause you problems in the future.

· Dowse for reasons that might be contributing to your current condition. It is most beneficial to dowse for underlying causes rather that attempt to diagnose an illness as attempting to find the underlying cause is more important than attaching another label.

· Past Life Dowsing, for knowledge and for healing.

· Find injuries that were inflicted in a past life which are causing problems today.

· It is also possible to dowse for others or your pets, as long as you have permission.

General Dowsing

· Where to apply for jobs, city location and or company names.

· which vehicle to purchase.

· Problems with your vehicle.

· Search for errors or truth in a document.

· Dowse when decorating your home, paint colour, flooring, furniture, pictures.

· Dowse where to locate plants when gardening and best direction to face the plant.

· Dowse Plant fertilizers and supplements, which plants to plant together.

· Dowse for non beneficial energies in and around your home. Or dowse for power spots or beneficial energies. There are many different types of earth energies that can be dowsed.

· Dowsing for guidance or information using an ABC chart.

· Feng Shui Dowsing, dowse for directions and locations to place your bed or furniture. Colours to use, items to place and locations.

· Dowse if colours are beneficial to you, possibly your bed sheets or comforter are not conducive to having a good nights sleep.

· Dowse the colour of the outfit to wear to an interview, or just dowse your everyday clothes.

Etc…the list is endless, but you get the idea…

It is difficult for me to price this service as it very much depends on the particular case and issue to be dowsed and the complexity of it. However it starts at 20 pounds to 100 pounds for more complex issues. Please email me for details. The rate can even be dowsed…!

Radionics services:

. Remote/distance healing
. Removal and neutralisation of curses and spells.

Please inquire directly for further information and rates etc. I do not have a standard rate for these services as it depends entirely on the depth and complication of each case. 
I do not guarantee that I will take on every case.

Please email me or call me for full details.


No information, products or devices presented on this site are intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you have any symptoms or maladies mentioned on this site you should discuss them with your health care provider. My work is only to provide an energetically balanced, nurturing environment in support of your overall quality of life.