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some predictions. July 2016

Posted by francois on July 14, 2016 at 9:30 AM

.Some predictions…

I am sharing some insights that come to me through various methods at various times.

. The Kohinoor diamond

This diamond has a long history and is now part of the Queen’s crown jewels. There is an alleged curse associated with this gem. My guides imply that there is a curse attached to this gem and it may be affecting the UK as such and the Royal family. Handing back this gem to the Indian government would improve drastically the United Kingdoms overall situation, in particular its economical situation.

. European currencies

One currency may face deep difficulties and set backs over the next 12-24 months or in the longer term, and it may not be the one that most people think of.


. Brexit…and beyond!

The indications received do not imply that Brexit will impact the UK negatively. I feel there has been much scaremongering in this process and the worst will not manifest for the UK. However, as mentioned in a previous newsletter about 4 years ago, the UK’s financial hub will lose some of its importance as most financial houses will be relocated in other countries. In any case, that has been an ongoing process for the past few years now…


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