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August 2015 newsletter

Posted by francois on August 11, 2015 at 9:20 AM




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It has been a little while since the monthly newsletter came out.In fact the last one came out in February. As some of you may know, I have been going through major and far reaching changes in my life and domestic set up. However, all is now settling down and back to some normality. It is very much still work in progress but the proverbial "light at the end of the tunnel" is in sight!

Those challenges did not stop me from doing what I am required to do. Here are a few of the latest testimonials.

Hi Francois, Today I was digging some emails and came across the reading you did for me. I read it over.Prediction about book and university as well as teacher came true.

Emilya. July 2015. (the reading was given in 2013.)

Francois has the ability to home in on the issue at hand. he has helped me to solve a big problem very close to my heart. This man has helped me where others would not. I don't know what I would have done without his psychic and dowsing skills, which has helped me tremendously through a traumatic experience. Georgia (July 2015)

Thank you so much for the reading. It was VERY accurate and well worth the wait. Yes I am divorced. I am not in a relationship and haven't been for the last year. Things have now started changing at work from this week and new opportunities are opening for me which will mean more money. Not sure about Paul or Italy connection, so will wait to see what that brings over the next few months. Thank you again x

(Kathryn-email reading 1.6.15)

I visited François in August 2014 through a strong recommendation about some personal issues I was suffering with. I was going through a mental and physical challenge and François really helped me come out of it.

François was very supportive throughout and advised that he was only an email/phone call away. At all times my messages were responded to promptly and any queries answered.

Francois is a very kind, soft spoken person and I would highly recommend him. I believe that he can heal anyone and I found his methods to be very simple.

Thank you!

S. K. Hertfordshire.

Francois is an expert dowser. Although I dowse as well, Francois's life long experience shows in the way that he always knows what are the right questions to ask and that he always makes sure that the answers he gets are the most beneficial and for the highest good.

Dan R. London

Dear reader, I highly recommend Francois and his psychic work. He is gifted, he is gentle and wise. I was impressed when he told me his greatest aim is to empower people and in all sessions I found that to be powerful and true. I encourage you to go to Francois for self development, as he is one of the very few people that I've met who don't have a hidden agenda.

Gyandev., East London

EIP is life changing. It benefited me in ways that no other therapy could have - and I have been doing a lot of self work with psychotherapists, meditation and other things.

Mr. Romascan

Hello Francois! I'm sure you know , but I feel to give you a feedback. the EIP helped me very much. that was the key. to listen it every once in a while. I was the given the possibility to look at things in ( from) a different point of view and it this thing helped more than I can ( and want ) to explain. And because you have earned my trust I have one question . from where I can find the explications of the numbers? I would like to know what numbers mean.

C.Tony (03.2015).

(the client had his EIP session a year ago)

All I can say is “Wow”. I want to thank you for your additional feedback. It is like a lightbulb went off in my head. Can you recommend any websites, or books on emotional healing. I was thinking with your practice you may have come across some very valuable tools. I will certainly check the library out! Thanks for commenting on the basic threadwork of what the other psychic stated. That was why I sent the reading. You have confirmed my thoughts! Polly G.

I had a reading with Francois last year and everything he said was spot on! Very gentle man but also very truthful, in the nicest possible way, and he didn’t use any tools at all, just my name and dob. Thank you Francois. Sammi x

Energy Healing sessions

All E.I.P sessions and past life regressions will now take place in Limehouse at the Royal foundation of St Katharine, E14.London.

The location is ideal as it is a few minutes walk from Limehouse station, off Commercial road,but in a very peaceful location.


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" Challenges create opportunities"

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