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predictions for 2014

Posted by francois on December 29, 2013 at 3:05 PM

A few predictions/indications for 2014.
. The government coalition in the UK to go through a major crisis. Will the coalition survive? I am getting to indicate that it may not.
. The severe weather disturbances will not show any signs of settling down. I am sensing a particularly hot and scorching summer, particularly in the Mediterranean region.
. Many countries will show positive signs of economic recovery, particularly in the UK.
. The new populist party, Aam Admi in India to go from strength to strength. A phenomenal rise and success, supported by much of the population. There is also "Divine" support in this scenario.
. I had mentioned an increase in UFO sighting last year and this has taken place but many more sighting will take place from 2014, many of which will be undeniable.
More to follow soon.

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