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September 2013 newletter

Posted by francois on September 23, 2013 at 4:40 PM
How to derive the most benefit from a reading with me?
This is a subject that I wished to approach for some time and I feel that the time is right to edit a few guidelines.
A psychic reading is foremost a 2 ways consultation. Whilst I do not need the client to expose his case or issue in details (after all I am the “psychic” and I am supposed to know), a little background information is helpful for me to put into context what I may see, hear or feel. This will also benefit the client so that we can zoom in straight into the issue at hand, rather than waste time. Most clients are cooperative and” connections” with them fast, clear and accurate. However I had a few cases when the “connection” was not clear, ambiguous and on a couple of occasion…nothing. This left me perplex for some time and then came to the conclusion, mainly through observation, that some clients are either reserved, or holding back emotionally or perhaps even scared. In a few cases, some came as sceptics or to test me. In all the above cases, when the client holds back his energies, I find it tremendously difficult to “break through”, as they in fact, put up a shield that prevents me from entering their aura and to read for them.
. So my advice is always to come for a reading with me with full faith and confidence, so that your aura is opened and information easily accessible to me. Once again, I do welcome a little caution or skepticism towards me, particularly if this is your first reading.
. Psychic readings are never a certainty and on rare occasions, I may decline to read for someone, refer them to another colleague or refund their fees if I feel that the reading is going nowhere.
. How accurate am I or any other psychics? 80% to 85% would be an accurate answer. Anyone professing to be more accurate or 100% accurate is either misleading you or speaking through “ego”. We must also keep in mind the concept of free will and how this comes into play. I have written extensively about this concept in earlier messages. (They can be found in the archives/past forum postings on Lotusfeetttarot.com). Many working examples were also given in these messages.
BACH flower essences.
We all have, at some stage, faced challenging times, either emotionally, physically, mentally or even spiritually. Nature has given us a little” remedy” for such times and they are called flower essences. The most popular are those developed by DR Bach in the 1930’s. However, there are more localized flower essences according to a particular country or culture.
In my work, I often advice or recommend them for those who may benefit from taking them to regain a little balance in life. They have worked well for me in the past and even to this day. One can visit a qualified practitioner, or read the qualities of each of them and choose the one(s) that reflects the challenge of the moment. I like to dowse my requirement and I often ask for what will help me most at a particular time or in a particular circumstance.
I personally feel that Bach Flower essences are particularly helpful now as we are shifting to higher frequencies.  This shift has a tendency to leave some people a little unsettled or ungrounded. Food for thought…
A little set-back!
The following is a short account of a health setback that took place recently and which, I feel, may be relevant to many readers. I recently developed a lumbago (lower back ache), that left me in pain and also severely restricted my mobility. Though I have had such problems in the past, the last episode dating 4 to 5 years ago, it usually disappears within 2 days. However, in this instance, I was left in severe pain for over 10 days…12 days in fact. When after about 8-9 days, I did not feel any improvement, I decided to get to the bottom of this. As I often do in such cases, I first used dowsing to identify the problem and to work out the best possible therapy to use in this case. I was a little surprised when the indication came through that the problem was not physical, but was a past life memory of an injury (dating 1200’s). I was, however, not completely taken by surprise, as I recently had an episode of a frozen shoulder, which I identified as well as being a past life injury (the memory of it). At the time, this was also confirmed by a (psychic) colleague of mine.
When dowsing the modality best suited to heal this problem, the advice was to use “vibrational healing”. I had, in the meantime, already taken a prior appointment to have a Bowen therapy treatment scheduled for the next day. This same evening, during a Sahaja meditation, someone offered to “send” vibrations to the affected area. This helped to some extent, but I still found it difficult to get to my appointment with the therapist the next day, due to the difficulty in walking, sitting and standing for any length of time. As myself and the therapist got talking and catching up on things, she suggested that  she be allowed to use “vibrational sprays” rather than the Bowen modality…( it consists in spraying a herbal concoction directly into the energy field/aura.)…to cut a long story short, I was walking out her office much better than the last 12 days or so, and within 24 hours, the condition had considerably improved. The pain and discomfort went completely within2 to 3 days…
What is to be taken from this experience?  Dowsing for the causes of a (medical) condition and dowsing for the healing modalities best suited for the same condition, can save invaluable time and also ensure a positive and effective healing. I myself regard dowsing as a short cut to getting many answers, not only medical but on so many subjects…food for thought.
The dowsing services should be available within the next 2 months, on the website.

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