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Numerology analysis for 2021

Posted by francois on January 10, 2021 at 4:50 PM

What the numbers tell and forecast?

2021 is a universal (global) year 5. 2+0+2+1=5. This number 5, either in a personal year or a universal year heralds great changes and perhaps upheavals. We have had our share in 2020 but will things get better? Yes they will but not as quickly or as drastically as some people may think or may want. In fact the numerology indicates that perhaps things may get worst before they get better. I do not want to be the one to drop a fly in the ointment but at the same time we all need to be realistic and pragmatic. We are in a transition phase, more so in 2021 and it really depends how we behave, collectively, that will shape the direction humanity will take. However the numerology of the year indicates that there may well be a rise in the consciousness and a willingness to break free from restrictions . Lies and untruth may well come to the surface as well. Taken in the extreme we could also see some chaos, instability and revolution in some countries. Well, in the early days of this year, we already had a glimpse of this in the USA. We may well see similar events in other countries.

The numerology also indicates much chaotic weather patterns around the globe, resulting in loss and destruction.

We should be moving into better and calmer times in late 2021 and in 2022, being a year 6.

What about the Corona virus. Well due to the instability of the number 5, I feel it may take some time in the year 2021 before we see a real difference in the spread of the virus and infection. (more on this in a separate blog). I feel we need to be prepared for continued disruption until mid year or a little beyond. As such we do have a 1 in the numerology but it come at the end of the year (2021). 1 being indicative of progress, new directions, positive change amongst other things.

We could also see an upsurge in travel somehow, on the positive note, or even of some progress in mode of travel, like speed, comfort and perhaps even new methods or new machines to speed up travel around the world. Internet and other "etheric" ways of communicating could also be invented. There could also be some breakthrough or revelations about such things as UFO's and aliens (so called!). in fact this will be the theme of the next 10 years or so...

We need to go back to 2012, to have a taste of deja vu, and get the feel of 2021. Food for thought!

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