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Best wishes for 2021

Posted by francois on January 4, 2021 at 10:35 AM

Wishing everyone the very best for 2021.


The following insights were gained during the past few months, usually in dreams or in the wakeful state, usually in the morning when I am in a mental rested state. They come randomly, I don't necessarily concentrate on any specific matters or issues.

I am trying to stay non political and non judgemental in the following feedback, just relating what I received over the last 6 months or so. I am fallible and I don't pretend to be always right. I used to post similar insights many years ago on my website and they can still be consulted, although they relate to events over 10 years ago but many are still very relevant to current trends. They can be read on the old website http://www.lot.usfeettarot.com

What can we expect?:


. Donald Trump will not be able to push for the next presidency candidature, possibly due to heath problems, relating to a heart ailment.

. Boris Johnson may not complete his mandate till term. He may pull out before, to concentrate on domestic issues or his family life.

. Natural disasters to increase (we are used to this by now, unfortunately). There will be no let up or respite, with increase destruction related to wind/air element.(Cyclones, typhoons, storms, and tsunamis whipped up by storms).

. The UK's dominance in Europe as a financial hub to diminish significantly, with many corporations relocating in other European cities. ( This was announced in my blog, about 5 years previously as well).

...more to come. stay tuned...I will also do a numerology analysis of the year 2021 very soon.

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