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Numerology analysis for 2021

Posted by francois on January 10, 2021 at 4:50 PM

What the numbers tell and forecast?

2021 is a universal (global) year 5. 2+0+2+1=5. This number 5, either in a personal year or a universal year heralds great changes and perhaps upheavals. We have had our share in 2020 but will things get better? Yes they will but not as quickly or as drastically as some people may think or may want. In fact the numerology indicates that perhaps things may get worst before they get better. I do not want to be the one to drop a fly in the ointment but at the same time we all need to be realistic and pragmatic. We are in a transition phase, more so in 2021 and it really depends how we behave, collectively, that will shape the direction humanity will take. However the numerology of the year indicates that there may well be a rise in the consciousness and a willingness to break free from restrictions . Lies and untruth may well come to the surface as well. Taken in the extreme we could also see some chaos, instability and revolution in some countries. Well, in the early days of this year, we already had a glimpse of this in the USA. We may well see similar events in other countries.

The numerology also indicates much chaotic weather patterns around the globe, resulting in loss and destruction.

We should be moving into better and calmer times in late 2021 and in 2022, being a year 6.

What about the Corona virus. Well due to the instability of the number 5, I feel it may take some time in the year 2021 before we see a real difference in the spread of the virus and infection. (more on this in a separate blog). I feel we need to be prepared for continued disruption until mid year or a little beyond. As such we do have a 1 in the numerology but it come at the end of the year (2021). 1 being indicative of progress, new directions, positive change amongst other things.

We could also see an upsurge in travel somehow, on the positive note, or even of some progress in mode of travel, like speed, comfort and perhaps even new methods or new machines to speed up travel around the world. Internet and other "etheric" ways of communicating could also be invented. There could also be some breakthrough or revelations about such things as UFO's and aliens (so called!). in fact this will be the theme of the next 10 years or so...

We need to go back to 2012, to have a taste of deja vu, and get the feel of 2021. Food for thought!

Best wishes for 2021

Posted by francois on January 4, 2021 at 10:35 AM

Wishing everyone the very best for 2021.


The following insights were gained during the past few months, usually in dreams or in the wakeful state, usually in the morning when I am in a mental rested state. They come randomly, I don't necessarily concentrate on any specific matters or issues.

I am trying to stay non political and non judgemental in the following feedback, just relating what I received over the last 6 months or so. I am fallible and I don't pretend to be always right. I used to post similar insights many years ago on my website and they can still be consulted, although they relate to events over 10 years ago but many are still very relevant to current trends. They can be read on the old website http://www.lot.usfeettarot.com

What can we expect?:


. Donald Trump will not be able to push for the next presidency candidature, possibly due to heath problems, relating to a heart ailment.

. Boris Johnson may not complete his mandate till term. He may pull out before, to concentrate on domestic issues or his family life.

. Natural disasters to increase (we are used to this by now, unfortunately). There will be no let up or respite, with increase destruction related to wind/air element.(Cyclones, typhoons, storms, and tsunamis whipped up by storms).

. The UK's dominance in Europe as a financial hub to diminish significantly, with many corporations relocating in other European cities. ( This was announced in my blog, about 5 years previously as well).

...more to come. stay tuned...I will also do a numerology analysis of the year 2021 very soon.

January 2018 newsletter

Posted by francois on January 16, 2018 at 5:55 PM



Well, this is it! The beginning of a new of the year!

I say "bring it on"...and I hope you do too!


. Update for 2018

. Dowsing classes (New)

. Crystals and crystal skulls on sale soon!

. Higher Inspiration India.( for Indian clients)


Please note that most consultations will take place at a location at Limehouse...please see website for details and exact location.

The Chadwell Heath location can still be available but in week days and daytime.

Skype or phone consultation available anytime daytime or evening, weekdays and week ends.

Dowsing classes will be starting soon, possibly by end of the month. They will take place on week ends at the Limehouse location. The class is an intensive and will take place over a 4 hours period. Pendulums will be supplied. More details to follow very soon...

Crystals items, incense and much more, as well as Himalayan crystal skulls will be available soon as well....more details to follow

Higher inspiration has now a presence in India. This will enable Indian clients to avail a session with me at local rates. These sessions will be conducted trough Skype, phone or whatsapp.

All enquiries for Indian clients should be channelled through my representative in India.(Jaipur)


(00 91) 95499 99235

Latest Testimonials.

Hi Francois, Just a note to say a great thank you for the reading last Thursday. Your analysis regarding numerology in my case was absolutely astonishing and very accurate.The other aspects of the reading were most helpful and I came away with a renewed sense of hope and optimism.Your time and patience are also appreciated

Ginie Watson (October 2017)

August 2016 newsletter

Posted by francois on July 14, 2016 at 9:30 AM



In this newsletter:

.Website update/change of location

. Availability throughout August

. Some predictions…

. Testimonials


Welcome to this latest newsletter…and apologies for the delay in sending them out. Life took over, as they say!


. Change of location.

As part of the ongoing changes in my personal circumstances, I have now relocated to a new location. It is still in the vicinity of the previous location, for those who came previously, but nearer to public transports.

However, please note that I am living on the third floor of a complex and there is no lift. There are a few stairs to negotiate. If you have any mobility issues or health issues that prevents you from visiting, I may be able to see you at an alternative location in Limehouse, or I could visit you in your own home (if local). Of course, you can also avail your reading through Skype or through the phone.


. Availability throughout August.

Due to increased workload, I will scale down the intake of new clients in August and September. I will be able though to continue to see existing and ongoing clients but on restricted days, mainly on Thursdays, Fridays Saturdays and Sundays.


Ongoing psychic development classes at Limehouse will not be affected.


some predictions. July 2016

Posted by francois on July 14, 2016 at 9:30 AM

.Some predictions…

I am sharing some insights that come to me through various methods at various times.

. The Kohinoor diamond

This diamond has a long history and is now part of the Queen’s crown jewels. There is an alleged curse associated with this gem. My guides imply that there is a curse attached to this gem and it may be affecting the UK as such and the Royal family. Handing back this gem to the Indian government would improve drastically the United Kingdoms overall situation, in particular its economical situation.

. European currencies

One currency may face deep difficulties and set backs over the next 12-24 months or in the longer term, and it may not be the one that most people think of.


. Brexit…and beyond!

The indications received do not imply that Brexit will impact the UK negatively. I feel there has been much scaremongering in this process and the worst will not manifest for the UK. However, as mentioned in a previous newsletter about 4 years ago, the UK’s financial hub will lose some of its importance as most financial houses will be relocated in other countries. In any case, that has been an ongoing process for the past few years now…


August 2015 newsletter

Posted by francois on August 11, 2015 at 9:20 AM




In this newsletter:

. Update

. Latest testimonials

. Energy healing sessions

. E-book



It has been a little while since the monthly newsletter came out.In fact the last one came out in February. As some of you may know, I have been going through major and far reaching changes in my life and domestic set up. However, all is now settling down and back to some normality. It is very much still work in progress but the proverbial "light at the end of the tunnel" is in sight!

Those challenges did not stop me from doing what I am required to do. Here are a few of the latest testimonials.

Hi Francois, Today I was digging some emails and came across the reading you did for me. I read it over.Prediction about book and university as well as teacher came true.

Emilya. July 2015. (the reading was given in 2013.)

Francois has the ability to home in on the issue at hand. he has helped me to solve a big problem very close to my heart. This man has helped me where others would not. I don't know what I would have done without his psychic and dowsing skills, which has helped me tremendously through a traumatic experience. Georgia (July 2015)

Thank you so much for the reading. It was VERY accurate and well worth the wait. Yes I am divorced. I am not in a relationship and haven't been for the last year. Things have now started changing at work from this week and new opportunities are opening for me which will mean more money. Not sure about Paul or Italy connection, so will wait to see what that brings over the next few months. Thank you again x

(Kathryn-email reading 1.6.15)

I visited François in August 2014 through a strong recommendation about some personal issues I was suffering with. I was going through a mental and physical challenge and François really helped me come out of it.

François was very supportive throughout and advised that he was only an email/phone call away. At all times my messages were responded to promptly and any queries answered.

Francois is a very kind, soft spoken person and I would highly recommend him. I believe that he can heal anyone and I found his methods to be very simple.

Thank you!

S. K. Hertfordshire.

Francois is an expert dowser. Although I dowse as well, Francois's life long experience shows in the way that he always knows what are the right questions to ask and that he always makes sure that the answers he gets are the most beneficial and for the highest good.

Dan R. London

Dear reader, I highly recommend Francois and his psychic work. He is gifted, he is gentle and wise. I was impressed when he told me his greatest aim is to empower people and in all sessions I found that to be powerful and true. I encourage you to go to Francois for self development, as he is one of the very few people that I've met who don't have a hidden agenda.

Gyandev., East London

EIP is life changing. It benefited me in ways that no other therapy could have - and I have been doing a lot of self work with psychotherapists, meditation and other things.

Mr. Romascan

Hello Francois! I'm sure you know , but I feel to give you a feedback. the EIP helped me very much. that was the key. to listen it every once in a while. I was the given the possibility to look at things in ( from) a different point of view and it this thing helped more than I can ( and want ) to explain. And because you have earned my trust I have one question . from where I can find the explications of the numbers? I would like to know what numbers mean.

C.Tony (03.2015).

(the client had his EIP session a year ago)

All I can say is “Wow”. I want to thank you for your additional feedback. It is like a lightbulb went off in my head. Can you recommend any websites, or books on emotional healing. I was thinking with your practice you may have come across some very valuable tools. I will certainly check the library out! Thanks for commenting on the basic threadwork of what the other psychic stated. That was why I sent the reading. You have confirmed my thoughts! Polly G.

I had a reading with Francois last year and everything he said was spot on! Very gentle man but also very truthful, in the nicest possible way, and he didn’t use any tools at all, just my name and dob. Thank you Francois. Sammi x

Energy Healing sessions

All E.I.P sessions and past life regressions will now take place in Limehouse at the Royal foundation of St Katharine, E14.London.

The location is ideal as it is a few minutes walk from Limehouse station, off Commercial road,but in a very peaceful location.


Book Now!



The family has been creative! This E-book was put together by my son and his colleague. Please check it out on Amazon, using the link below.




Word of Wisdom

" Challenges create opportunities"

Afghanistan 2014

Posted by francois on February 26, 2014 at 2:45 PM


There is much uncertainty surrounding the imminent alleged withdrawals of troops from this country. The vision that was given recently is that the country is nowhere near achieving peace and stability ...on the contrary, I fear that the situation will edge towards a long, drawn out guerilla. The vision given was similar to what happened in Vietnam, with increased aerial strikes (by foreign forces) and increased civilian casualties. I pray that this can be avoided and invite the readers to join me in this wish. (26.02.2014)

More insight for 2014 and beyond

Posted by francois on January 27, 2014 at 6:45 AM

The future of the UK industry.

The UK was the birth place of the industrial revolution and many discoveries and innovations originated from this country. However, I have been "shown" that the future of the United kingdom is in...farming.This came as a surprise to me and i had to "reconfirm" this information, as it were. We had foot and mouth a few years ago and many more setbacks in the farming industry and many farms have even ceased trading so to speak. But I am confident that England will reinvent herself as the leader of specialized farming both agricultural and animal farming. I also see the rise in organic farming on a larger scale in this country. Time scale...possibly within the next 10 years.

predictions for 2014

Posted by francois on December 29, 2013 at 3:05 PM

A few predictions/indications for 2014.
. The government coalition in the UK to go through a major crisis. Will the coalition survive? I am getting to indicate that it may not.
. The severe weather disturbances will not show any signs of settling down. I am sensing a particularly hot and scorching summer, particularly in the Mediterranean region.
. Many countries will show positive signs of economic recovery, particularly in the UK.
. The new populist party, Aam Admi in India to go from strength to strength. A phenomenal rise and success, supported by much of the population. There is also "Divine" support in this scenario.
. I had mentioned an increase in UFO sighting last year and this has taken place but many more sighting will take place from 2014, many of which will be undeniable.
More to follow soon.

September 2013 newletter

Posted by francois on September 23, 2013 at 4:40 PM
How to derive the most benefit from a reading with me?
This is a subject that I wished to approach for some time and I feel that the time is right to edit a few guidelines.
A psychic reading is foremost a 2 ways consultation. Whilst I do not need the client to expose his case or issue in details (after all I am the “psychic” and I am supposed to know), a little background information is helpful for me to put into context what I may see, hear or feel. This will also benefit the client so that we can zoom in straight into the issue at hand, rather than waste time. Most clients are cooperative and” connections” with them fast, clear and accurate. However I had a few cases when the “connection” was not clear, ambiguous and on a couple of occasion…nothing. This left me perplex for some time and then came to the conclusion, mainly through observation, that some clients are either reserved, or holding back emotionally or perhaps even scared. In a few cases, some came as sceptics or to test me. In all the above cases, when the client holds back his energies, I find it tremendously difficult to “break through”, as they in fact, put up a shield that prevents me from entering their aura and to read for them.
. So my advice is always to come for a reading with me with full faith and confidence, so that your aura is opened and information easily accessible to me. Once again, I do welcome a little caution or skepticism towards me, particularly if this is your first reading.
. Psychic readings are never a certainty and on rare occasions, I may decline to read for someone, refer them to another colleague or refund their fees if I feel that the reading is going nowhere.
. How accurate am I or any other psychics? 80% to 85% would be an accurate answer. Anyone professing to be more accurate or 100% accurate is either misleading you or speaking through “ego”. We must also keep in mind the concept of free will and how this comes into play. I have written extensively about this concept in earlier messages. (They can be found in the archives/past forum postings on Lotusfeetttarot.com). Many working examples were also given in these messages.
BACH flower essences.
We all have, at some stage, faced challenging times, either emotionally, physically, mentally or even spiritually. Nature has given us a little” remedy” for such times and they are called flower essences. The most popular are those developed by DR Bach in the 1930’s. However, there are more localized flower essences according to a particular country or culture.
In my work, I often advice or recommend them for those who may benefit from taking them to regain a little balance in life. They have worked well for me in the past and even to this day. One can visit a qualified practitioner, or read the qualities of each of them and choose the one(s) that reflects the challenge of the moment. I like to dowse my requirement and I often ask for what will help me most at a particular time or in a particular circumstance.
I personally feel that Bach Flower essences are particularly helpful now as we are shifting to higher frequencies.  This shift has a tendency to leave some people a little unsettled or ungrounded. Food for thought…
A little set-back!
The following is a short account of a health setback that took place recently and which, I feel, may be relevant to many readers. I recently developed a lumbago (lower back ache), that left me in pain and also severely restricted my mobility. Though I have had such problems in the past, the last episode dating 4 to 5 years ago, it usually disappears within 2 days. However, in this instance, I was left in severe pain for over 10 days…12 days in fact. When after about 8-9 days, I did not feel any improvement, I decided to get to the bottom of this. As I often do in such cases, I first used dowsing to identify the problem and to work out the best possible therapy to use in this case. I was a little surprised when the indication came through that the problem was not physical, but was a past life memory of an injury (dating 1200’s). I was, however, not completely taken by surprise, as I recently had an episode of a frozen shoulder, which I identified as well as being a past life injury (the memory of it). At the time, this was also confirmed by a (psychic) colleague of mine.
When dowsing the modality best suited to heal this problem, the advice was to use “vibrational healing”. I had, in the meantime, already taken a prior appointment to have a Bowen therapy treatment scheduled for the next day. This same evening, during a Sahaja meditation, someone offered to “send” vibrations to the affected area. This helped to some extent, but I still found it difficult to get to my appointment with the therapist the next day, due to the difficulty in walking, sitting and standing for any length of time. As myself and the therapist got talking and catching up on things, she suggested that  she be allowed to use “vibrational sprays” rather than the Bowen modality…( it consists in spraying a herbal concoction directly into the energy field/aura.)…to cut a long story short, I was walking out her office much better than the last 12 days or so, and within 24 hours, the condition had considerably improved. The pain and discomfort went completely within2 to 3 days…
What is to be taken from this experience?  Dowsing for the causes of a (medical) condition and dowsing for the healing modalities best suited for the same condition, can save invaluable time and also ensure a positive and effective healing. I myself regard dowsing as a short cut to getting many answers, not only medical but on so many subjects…food for thought.
The dowsing services should be available within the next 2 months, on the website.