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My Mission...to empower you!

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All face to face readings are now taking place in Limehouse, E14 (just outside Limehouse station, on the C2C and DLR lines)

Home visits/readings are a possibility. Please ask for details.

Telephone and Skype readings 

Worldwide E.mail readings

Energy Healing (E.I.P)

Reflexology and Indian head Massage

Dowsing-Remote healing

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My mission and aim is to help you transform your life so that you experience the life you truly desire.

Just like  the Lotus flower rising out of the mud, you can also become a beautiful flower, regardless of the past and present circumstances, setbacks and challenges and empower yourself to create a positive, fulfilling life.

Whether yours is a physical, a mental/emotional or spiritual challenge, or the desire to transform and co-create your own reality, I offer you a variety of methods and therapies to help you achieve the desired results. You can chose from the available methods or the "treatment" can be tailored to your particular need and requirement. These include touch therapies with reflexology and Indian head massage,as well a psychic guidance and  numerology readings, DNA activation and E.I.P sessions (Energy Healing)

The sessions and readings take place at my own residence in a quiet, peaceful room adapted for meditative and healing work. It enables me to give you all the attention required and extent the sessions if needed (for the same rate). I used to hire therapy rooms in the past but experience has taught me that it was not really fair on my clients as we are restricted by time and under pressure to fit a session within one hour or less. Commuting in London being challenging as it is, my clients were often delayed and getting into an agitated state before reaching me or having to avail a shortened version of their session. I have bypassed all these drawbacks and can offer you my time in a relaxed, peaceful atmosphere.

Many Blessings


Latest testimonials

I would like to write a testimonial to describe my experiences 
with Francois's dowsing classes. My dowsing journey wasn't 
obvious at first. It suddenly occurred to me after a period of time
I had various dowsing work done by Francois. What fascinated me 
was that one can dowse for information on different topics and 
subsequently use the pendulum as a healing tool to neutralise 
different energy patterns attached to oneself causing problems
in one's life. Miraculous and Brilliant !  
So far I have had about 20 classes with Francois 
taking me step at the time how to use this tool correctly.  
I have only been dowsing since June 2016 but I already 
understand as simple as it may seem to dowse what a complex
subject it is, and indeed it required a qualified and experienced teacher.
I highly recommend Francois to anyone who is sincere about learning
this skill properly as in my opinion and as a witness he is a true 
professional in this field. From London, Goodmayes. Mr Jiri Smid. 

Hi all a little feedback for my dearest friend Francois. I connected with Francois on psychic knight about 8 years ago, I looked for a numerology reading & Francois did my numerology, back then years on he told me in 2016 it was going to be a very special year for me spiritually, yes it bang on, also my gifts would come to frustration in 2016 which they did as I started to read without cards, I wish to thank Francois with connecting with me back me & continued friendship for all those years & grow stronger with friendship in this year ahead, god bless xx 
Cath. ( February 2018)

Hi Francois,

Just a note to say a great thank you for the reading last Thursday. Your analysis regarding numerology in my case was absolutely astonishing and very accurate.

The other aspects of the reading were most helpful and I came away with a renewed sense of hope and optimism.

Your time and patience are also appreciated

Ginie (October 2017)

Francois u did major prediction years on for me that came to surface last year u said in 2016 spot on unreal..an extraordinary man & friend xx
Catherine M. (May 2017)

Seldom have I come across someone like François. But I have to be honest. When I first came to his home 10 years ago, I was a bit skeptical and cautious. I had had a strange experience with a medium just before and I was not really at ease. An awfully big number of mediums/tarot readers are driven by their ego and they project onto you their own fears. However, after few minutes of conversation, I understood I was in front of a very different kind of spirit. François was soft-spoken, very careful with his words and more of an adviser and good friend than somebody imposing his views.
It is only recently that I came across the notes from this reading. He was spot on all along the way and the last 10 years had followed the course he had sensed. I now live abroad and our recent Skype session just reminded me how talented François is. He managed to go the heart of my current issues with precision and kindness giving me precious insights on the course to take to achieve my full potential. His instant access to his spiritual guides added a lot of value to the tarot reading and the details that were shared were outstanding in their accuracy. I was wowed, once again.
I can only thank the Higher Intelligence for getting me to cross his path. Thank you François: you have all my gratitude.
Fatiha . France
(January 2017)

Hi all a little feedback for my dearest friend Francois , I connected with Francois on psychic knight about 8 years ago, I looked for a numerology reading & Francois did my numerology, back then years on he told me in 2016 it was going to be a very special year for me spiritually, yes it bang on, also my gifts would come to fruition in 2016 which they did as I started to read without cards, I wish to thank Francois with connecting with me back me & continued friendship for all those years & grow stronger with friendship in this year ahead, god bless xx
(January 2017)

Hello Francois, thank you for giving me a reading today.   Some of the things you mentioned were amazingly accurate, and incredibly moving. Carol

Thank you, Francois. My feedback is as follows. P.was in an exceptionally good mood yesterday, he went to London with his colleagues for his course. he enjoyed immensely. he said that he hadn't felt so good and free for ages. he said its like how he used to be. free and happy. Thank you, this is brilliant.I am getting my son back!
K. (London)
(This was the result of a remote healing session)

I met François in July 2015 after a recommendation, I did not know what to expect and felt apprehensive but ready for my spiritual step. I had always felt a connection to my spiritual side but did not know how to access it; François helped me to achieve this. Not only was he aware of my insecurities but also attentive in making me feel at ease with my journey. I have had both the opportunity and experience to have his guidance in E.I.P and remote work, in aiding my family and me. I would recommend François to anyone who is on a spiritual journey and need guidance, also to those who are not sure of what they are feeling and searching for answers to questions they may have. I can honestly say you are in safe hands with François, whatever your needs maybe. 
Tina (London)

 I would like to leave a feedback for Francois, as I feel he is one of the rare few psychic readers, healers and guides, a professional in every sense of the word, with high ethics and values and very kind, open and understanding heart. Francois helped me in gaining clarity in business, personal and spiritual development matters through reading sessions and with his dowsing ability which I must say is phenomenal. With a lot of Gratitude and Thanks to you Francois. 
 Jiri, Essex.
Hi Francois, Today I was digging some emails email and came across the reading you did for me. I read it over.Prediction about book and university as well as teacher came true.
 Emilya. July 2015. (the reading was given in 2013.)

Francois has the ability to home in on the issue at hand. he has helped me to solve a big problem very close to my heart. This man has helped me where others would not. I don't know what I would have done without his psychic and dowsing skills, which has helped me tremendously through a traumatic experience. Georgia (July 2015)
Thank you so much for the reading. It was VERY accurate and well worth the wait. Yes I am divorced. I am not in a relationship and haven't been for the last year. Things have now started changing at work from this week and new opportunities are opening for me which will mean more money. Not sure about Paul or Italy connection, so will wait to see what that brings over the next few months. Thank you again x
(Kathryn-email reading 1.6.15)
I visited François in August 2014 through a strong recommendation about some personal issues I was suffering with. I was going through a mental and physical challenge and François really helped me come out of it.
François was very supportive throughout and advised that he was only an email/phone call away. At all times my messages were responded to promptly and any queries answered.
 Francois is a very kind, soft spoken person and I would highly recommend him. I believe that he can heal anyone and I found his methods to be very simple. 
Thank you!
S. K. Hertfordshire.

Francois is an expert dowser. Although I dowse as well, Francoise's life long experience shows in the way that he always knows what are the right questions to ask and that he always makes sure that the answers he gets are the most beneficial  and for the highest good.
Dan R. London
Dear reader, I highly recommend Francois and his psychic work. He is gifted, he is gentle and wise. I was impressed when he told me his greatest aim is to empower people and in all sessions I found that to be powerful and true. I encourage you to go to Francois for self development, as he is one of the very few people that I've met who don't have a hidden agenda.
Gyandev., East London
EIP is life changing. It benefited me in ways that no other therapy could have - and I have been doing a lot of self work with psychotherapists, meditation and other things.
Mr. Romascan 
Hello Francois! I'm sure you know , but I feel to give you a feedback. the EIP helped me very much. that was the key. to listen it every once in a while. I was the given the possibility to look at things in ( from) a different point of view and it this thing helped more than I can ( and want ) to explain. And because you have earned my trust I have one question . from where I can find the explications of the numbers? I would like to know what numbers mean.
C.Tony (03.2015).
(the client had his EIP session a year ago)

All I can say is “Wow”. I want to thank you for your additional feedback. It is like a lightbulb went off in my head. Can you recommend any websites, or books on emotional healing. I was thinking with your practice you may have come across some very valuable tools. I will certainly check the library out! Thanks for commenting on the basic threadwork of what the other psychic stated. That was why I sent the reading. You have confirmed my thoughts!

Polly G.


I had a reading with Francois last year and everything he said was spot on! Very gentle man but also very truthful, in the nicest possible way, and he didn’t use any tools at all, just my name and dob. Thank you Francois x


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